The Pizza Cone concept was first developed in Italy. It's achieving massive sales and
are sold in over 25 countries.
As you probably know Pizza is the most globally recognizable food today.
There will always be a market for pizza.
Customers love it.
It's fast, fresh and convenient,
everything that helps make convenience stores a top option for on-  the-go
The Idea were successful and similar products are currently being sold in
USA,Germany, Italy, Japan, Egypt, Korea,Canada, Lebanon,
,Purtugal,Colonia,United Arab Emirates,Bahrain, Azerbaijan,Slovenia, Syria,
And NOW it's here Right in the heart of Thailand.
                                                      Enjoy it !!

This is a product which can be sold in a wide variety of outlets, from Malls, pubs, caf?s, takeaways,Universities , kiosks, sports stadium.
karts  etc. etc. etc.
First in Thailand to bring you the tasty and funny new pizza.
profitable concept and system.
Unique inThailand market and less competitors.
It's a new,simple and  and Innovative product.
Cost-savings , low percent waste factor
High gross profits with cost of sale per product line fully identified
Low startup capital with pre-determined startup costs.
System flexibility / simplicity that is component based, space efficient , set sizes
Low risk business.
Strong R&D group to explore more new products and increase your different source of incomes.
Full training program.
Marketing and promotion support.
Support systems - on site visiting to measure everything same with the HQ, solve any problem faced
Now IS THE OPPORTUNITY for you to have your own busiiness.  Pizza Masters offers low investment and high returns for business setup. No special skills required.
All you have to do is manage an outlet that has a simple operation that you are so easy to manage. The company is obligated to offer our franchisees recover their investments in shortest period.

As franchisor, we insure our franchisees success through continuous consultancy and advertising promotion supports. Based on our proven profitable F&B concept, system, policies and procedures, it allows the franchisee to be succeeded easily.

Quality is the underlying principles for all Pizza Masters products. We work hard to meet the expectations of discerning customers who enjoy Pizza Masters products your entire round. Our immensely popular products are served warm and fresh with specially formulated and unique flavors. New products are constantly being developed to bring the various choices and fully satisfaction to the customers.
Acquisition or leasing of premises.
Use of recommended equipments and approved suppliers.
Adherence to standard and specification
Procure and maintain in full force all necessary  insurance
Maintain proper book keeping, accounting, inventory control, statically records, information and record keeping system in accordance to requirement of franchisor.
Attend training when necessary recommended  by franchisor.

Attest and update design and concept

Attest and upgrade equipments

Develop and maintain operating systems Analyze franchisee performance and provide advisory to help franchisee to perform better

Develop and conduct training program to maintain high quality standard and services.

Master Franchisee is given the opportunity to operate many outlets within a given territory. Master Franchisee would be able to recruit Franchisees within their territory earning franchising fees and also profit from the supplies sold to Franchisees within their territory. Master Franchisee will be able to have a high return on his investments from every outlet that is owned. On top of that Master Franchisee will have an opportunity to manage a chain of outlets operated by franchisee operated within the territory. Opportunity to innovate and introduce products within the franchise chain is also given to Master Franchisee. Why stop with just one territory? Expand the franchisee chain to other territories approved by Pizza Masters . Master Franchisee must have sufficient capital to open several outlets per year and also able to secure good warehousing and cold storage facilities. Master Franchisee must also be able to secure good location with high traffic flow in the territory. Master Franchisee must also have good management and business administrative skills and to operate a fast food business chain.

This is a flexible and simple to run business with very good profit margins.
Now , we are so happy to see you interest enough to join us and start your own great and simple business.

In order to better understanding of how to get your own franchise from Pizza Masters , we made a franchise processing chart which is describe the franchise process path. Click Here
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This is a flexible and simple to run business with very good profit margins.